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Prod No: TH-019

Multifunctional Swivel/Turning Plate

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TH-019 Multifunctiaonal Swivel/Turning Plate Dia 8" 10" 12" 15" and Super size

  1.       Different sizes are available to provide you with wide-ranging applications.
  2.       Be applied to those utensils that will become more convenient if they are attached with the function of rotation. Place your LCD Monitor, Computer, Fax machines, TV, telephone, plant or flowerpot… on it.
  3.       The turn table can also be put on the washing stand in the bathroom to collect utensils or on a Chinese style round table to serve seasonings and appetizers.
  4.       Use it as a pottery stand when you want to color your plastic models.
  5.       As a dressing desk, a cosmetics desk or being to collect detergents.
  6.        Thickness: 2cm
  7.       With Anti-slip rubber bumpers on the back.

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