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Prod No: TH-1709

Screen Top Shelf for TV & Computer

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Patent Screen Top Shelf for TV & Computer

This product is very good and useful, usually we put the set-top box beside the TV, but sometimes the set-top box signal is obstructed by something easily, this will cause remote control problem.  Our products is here to solve the problem.

This  screen shelf is different from the old version. The old shelf size is very small only 6*4”, ours is 12.9*6.4”  .
The old shelf’s leg is weak only fixed by a small screw. Our shelf has very strong patent structure can load 19.69 KGS,  with washer inside, the two legs at the same rotation shaft, angles can be adjusted synchronize. Also our shelf is upgraded by adding anti-slip pads at front and rubber piece at bottom of legs.  

Following is the product description
Patent Screen Top Shelf for TV & Computer
·Ingenious design. Bring back the space on flat screen TV or monitor. 
·Conveniently and tidily store knick knacks, office supplies, remote controller, set-top box, webcam, game sensor etc.
·ABS material, sturdy and durable.  High Temperature and deformation resistance.  Fits all size TV and Computer’s screen.
 ·Easy to use, no tool needed. Put the shelf, adjust the angle until the shelf surface is horizontally, tighten the thumbscrew.
·Big size. the size is two times bigger than the market similar product, and the structure is very strong.

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